Premium Mediterranean Delicacies

Here at Silver & Green we are food lovers first and foremost and this business is our dream: working together on a product we think is the bees knee’s and putting something in to the world that’s both healthy and blinking tasty!


On top of our own olive mixes we have sensational single variety offerings from around the Mediterranean basin.

Spanish Gordal sourced from a single estate in Andalucia. Beautifully buttery early harvest Sicilian Nocellara and sun dried Moroccan Beldi to name a few.


Praised for centuries as both an ailment-curing liquid gold and a foundation for many cuisines, olive oil is one of the most essential ingredients in the Mediterranean and beyond.

Check out the range of extra virgin olive oil, flavoured extra virgin olive oils and vinegars too!


Our antipasti, tapas & meze products are sourced from artisan producers on the continent. We believe strongly in the provenance of the foods we eat: whether buying a cut of fresh beef from a local farmer or a preserved Mediterranean vegetable, the care that is taken in growing, nurturing and bringing that food to your table affects both its quality and its flavour.

Win Gin

We’re giving stuff away! Alongside our Great Taste award winning products we’ve got bottles of ‘Malfy gin to throw your way.

Mix yourself a Malfy GnT or a Negroni, open some Silver & Green olives and be instantly transported to the stylish sun-kissed terraces of Italy’s Amalfi coast.

Check the socials for details of how to enter.

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